Thursday, December 19, 2013

Using Google Templates

Google Templates are available just as the Microsoft website hosts templates to use in Microsoft Word or Excel. Dara created templates for each school with the school letterhead and administrative contact information listed on the left side.

To access Google templates, you can create a new document, then click File-> New -> Open from Template.

You can also add Google templates to your "Create" button options by opening your Google Drive, clicking Create, then 'connect more apps.' 

This will open up a window allowing you to add more apps to your create button. If you type "drive template gallery" into the search bar, you should get the option to add Drive Template Gallery. Hit CONNECT. Next time you use the Create button in Google Drive, you will see the option "From Template" right there.

Templates can also be used with students. If you create a document that you want to keep and use as a template, simply go to the template gallery (as listed above) and click Submit a Template. Google will walk you through submitting a template to the gallery. It takes a little while for the changes to take affect. 

You may not need to create templates very often since you can also create documents and share them with students with view-only rights, requiring them to select File->Make a Copy before they can edit the document. Templates might be useful when more than one class is using the same template, like for writing Cornell notes where students from an entire grade, school, or even district would utilize the same template to take notes on various subjects and topics. When you use a template, Google automatically creates a copy for the student and preserves your template for future use.

If you have other ideas for templates, leave them in the comments. If you need help using templates, contact the Technology Coaches.

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