Monday, April 14, 2014

Google After Hours - Get Them While You Can!

Can you believe it is halfway through April? Neither can I. But, it is - which means that we are closing in on the end of Google After Hours sessions for this school year. There is still some time left to "Get Your Google On" before summer.

Google Projects and Project-Based Learning: This session will focus on using Google tools to create projects and allow students to creatively meet common core state standards and learning goals. There will be basic information about what project-based learning is, example projects from our school district, and lesson planning templates for starting a project. You will have time to explore resources and begin planning a project of your own. If you'd like to attend this class, sign up via the staff portal. You will meet at the middle school in computer lab 410 from 4:00-5:30.

On April 16, Jennifer Handrick will walk you through using Google (web)Sites to create a digital portfolio to demonstrate student learning. Jennifer has been using Google Sites for art portfolios for her students for some time. She has practical tips and ideas about how to get started. A basic knowledge of Google Sites is helpful, but this class may be applicable for any teacher considering using digital portfolios. This class will meet in HS lab 135 from 4:00-5:30.

If you haven't been to a basic Google Drive/Docs session, you have one more chance to get your feet wet with Google Drive before summer. Kris Kolinski and Michele Nuttleman will explain the basics of cloud sharing, finding and organizing files in Google Drive and some of the basics of creating a Google document. They will also demonstrate different ways to share documents with your students, other teachers, or parents. Kris and Michele will demonstrate these skills on April 17. The location is yet to be determined. They have also promised to deliver this training completely in English!

If you've taken some basic training or have worked with Google Apps for some time on your own, you may be ready for something more advanced. Google has some tools called Add-ons (also known as Scripts) that will create and organize folders, send work out to students, grade multiple choice assignments, and allow you to create and digitally grade using a rubric which also sends feedback directly to the student's email. This session will be the grand finale for Google After Hours for the semester. Chrissy Seibel and her team will present this information on April 23 in HS lab 135 from 4:00-5:30.

If you're not able to attend Google After Hours, but still have a burning desire to improve your Google Apps for Education skills, don't worry. Cara and I are working now on putting together another dynamite summer session of offerings for teachers. If you have specific questions or suggestions, feel free to email your technology coaches.