Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tech Tool Spotlight - Quizlet

-Written by: Emma
Senior student in Student Technology Integration and Innovation

There are important terms to know for every class taught in school. The degree to which students are tested on these terms varies, but a basic familiarity with them is essential. Traditionally, students use flashcards to memorize vocabulary. It’s an effective method of learning, but there are some serious flaws. For one, flashcards are time consuming to make. There are classes with upwards of a hundred words to learn per unit, and making that many flashcards every few weeks just isn’t feasible. is a website initially started in 2005 by a fifteen year-old in California looking for an easier way to learn vocabulary for his French class. Essentially, it’s online flashcards. Quizlet is both free for students and easy to use, with many students already having some experience with it. It includes games that make learning entertaining, and offers a free app students can get on their phones should they choose.

Signing up for Quizlet is simple and only requires an email address. If you register as a teacher, you’re given the option to pay $24.99 a year for added features such as tracking student progress. That might be something you’re interested in. If not, there’s an option to skip to the regular teacher version of Quizlet, which still allows you to create classes and add flashcard sets to them just as efficiently as the premium version.

Quizlet is fast, easy, and free if you want it to be. Students can study from their phones, and this way they can’t complain that you’re killing trees with all the study materials you’ve been printing out. With the added ease of not having to buy, store, and keep track of hundreds of notecards and finals right around the corner, there’s really no better time to start using Quizlet.