Friday, December 16, 2016

Gone Google Story Builder

The Gone Google Story Builder is an easy way for students to animate their writing by choosing characters and typing story dialogue. Some ideas to utilize this in your classroom:

  • Re-write the dialogue from a recent story to change the outcome or ending
  • A fun way to explain the steps in solving a math problem
  • Explaining a science concept to review for a test (each student could write and submit for different concepts to build a 'library' of the concepts needed to study for the test)
  • Take on the personality/personalities of famous people from history to discuss ideas and feelings around historical events
  • Create dialogue for a mock interview of a famous artist, scientist or inventor; discuss his/her creation or discovery
Here is an example:

There is no need to create an account, however, that means that the students must complete the story in one sitting. I would recommend that students write out their script in another Google Doc and copy/paste it into Story Builder when they are ready to render the video. Google Story Builder creates a unique URL to share the video/story. Students can submit these links in a Google Form Dropbox, via email, or in your learning management system.

This is a great way to stretch your use of Google Docs, Sharing and Collaborating. It would fit in to demonstrate part of the evidence for that Learn, Teach, Lead 21 (LTL 21) Challenge.