Friday, September 6, 2013

Some Cool Stuff That Happened Today

Today we made history at Chi Hi. We rolled out the very first Chromebooks to half of the Freshman students in our 1:1 learning initiative. At first it seemed like just another thing we were doing today until the Techs, Scott, Cara and Becky started talking about where we've come from. When the students approached the auditorium, I started to get excited.

As the students entered, they were somewhat stoic - slightly awkward and quiet; Freshmen in their first week of school. They shuffled through the line, signing a student agreement, getting their Chromebook and scanning it into our database for checkout. 

The excitement built as they got through the line. Some of the things I heard them say:
"I got a laptop! I got a laptop!"
"This is like an early birthday present."
"That's it? Now this is mine?"

Dr. Saron looked on, noting how the students went from quietly leaning back in their chairs to excitedly leaning forward with the Chromebooks. 

Students assisted other students; they personalized their themes; began downloading apps and music; asked about video chats. Amid echoes of "did you see this?" and "I didn't know you could do that!" they chatted and dug right in. 

And just like that, the first batch of Chromebooks were deployed. I feel incredibly honored to have been part of this day where students, teachers, technicians, and administrators shared excitement in a very momentous occasion!

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