Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embed Your Ensemble Video

Google makes it really easy to embed a YouTube video in to your Site, but embedding video from other sources is not as pretty.  If you are using the Camtasia/Ensemble video tools that CESA10 provides, you can still embed video. It just takes a couple more steps to make it look decent.

Step 1  Get the Embed Code
If you wish to embed one video:
Click the Web Publishing Tab, then click the Website link.  This shows a list of all your videos.  Click the intended video, click Embed at the bottom center of the video frame.  Adjust size and other attributes if necessary.  Copy the code.

If you wish to embed the list of videos:
Click the Web Publishing Tab, then click the Install link.  Copy the code as is, or customize the attributes and then copy the code from the Custom code box at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2  Paste Code in Gadget on Google Site
Click Insert, from the center column, choose More Gadgets, browse the list to find the one called Embed Gadget.
Paste the embed code. Adjust size and scroll options if necessary. Enter a frame title if you choose to include one. Uncheck the box for Display title if you do not want one, else it will shwo "Embed Gadget" in your frame.  Click OK.  Click the gadget to see the alignment options, or click the settings wheel to adjust size. 

Use the Preview Page as Viewer command from the More menu to see how it looks.

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