Monday, November 4, 2013

Help! Where's My Google Calendar?

Although Google likes to change things up from time to time, they are not cruel enough to actually get rid of your Google Calendar. It is still there.

However, some of us are mourning the loss of the black bar across the top of the page. Many people used this black bar to access Mail, Calendar, Sites, Contacts, etc.

Now, similarly to accessing your apps via the Apps button on a new tab, you will need to access your productivity apps, such as Mail and Calendar, via an Apps button on the top right of your Mail/Drive/Calendar screen:

If you missed our post about accessing your Google Apps from a new tab, please see our previous blog post here.

Another option would be to place a bookmark on your bookmarks bar that links to your calendar. When you are on your calendar page, simply drag the green lock icon that appears in the address bar down to your bookmarks bar.

Any questions, give us a call!

1 comment:

  1. I also found you get your black line across the top back if you click on the apps and then on sites it shows back up! For how long is anyone's guess!