Thursday, April 7, 2016

Google Calendar Reminders Coming to a Calendar Near You


Coming to a Google Calendar Near You

Over the last few years of helping staff dive into Google for EDU tools, I have heard this sentiment over and over; "I wish the Google Task list had date/time reminders." A reminder feature had been added for the device apps, but was still lacking in the web version.

Yearn no more, those wishes have come true. You can now tap a time slot and select "Reminder".   The new reminders are persistent and carry forward on your calendar until you mark them as done. Check out this post from Google for more details and tips for switching from Tasks to Reminders.  Click here for instructions from Google Help.

The Reminder feature will be rolling out to our domain this week. Give it a try.  It works great with Google Keep too.  More info on that coming soon.

If you have questions about using Reminders or Keep, feel free to contact your Tech Coaches, Cara or Sarah.

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