Monday, May 5, 2014

New Google iPad Apps

Google recently released two new apps for iPads: Google Docs and Google Sheets. These apps work in conjunction with the Google Drive app that is already on our cart iPads, and many of our teacher devices. The good news is that Google promises to also release a Google Slides app soon, which would allow creation of Google Slide Presentations on an iPad - yay!

However, one major caveat of this new venture is that the Google Drive app itself no longer allows users to edit Google Docs or Spreadsheets. Google Drive remains an app on the iPad to show your files stored in the cloud, but if you attempt to edit a document, that document opens automatically in either the Google Docs or Google Sheets app.

This is particularly troublesome for anyone using our iPad carts for projects in their classroom and relying on Google Drive for storing partially completed projects or relying on Google Drive to share completed projects with the teacher.

The Technology Department is working on conjunction with the LMC Specialists to determine the best time to collect the iPads, transport them to the middle school and make the necessary updates. If you have the cart checked out and plan to use Google Drive, please consider revising your plans or letting your LMC Specialist know that you won't be using the iPads.

If you use Google Drive on your own iPad, you will need to visit the App Store and download two new free apps: Google Docs and Google Sheets.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Radcliffe

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