Friday, September 26, 2014

Lost Chromebooks

The dust has settled a little bit in the Tech Coach office at the high school. Chromebooks are out to students and teachers have taken off utilizing this technology in the classroom. We have been working hard on developing quality processes for common scenarios such as, "I forgot my Chromebook at home" - the 2014 version for 'my dog ate my homework.'

One of the more alarming scenarios, but thankfully not too common, is the "I lost my Chromebook." When this happens, we talk to the student about where and when the Chromebook was last used. Because they are teenagers and their prefrontal cortex is not fully developed, plus the fact that a lost Chromebook puts them into fight or flight mode, it is not surprising that students have a difficult time recalling the last time they used their Chromebook.

In the Tech Dept, we can check the last time the student authenticated on the wireless at school and who was the last user to log into the Chromebook. This helps us put the pieces together as to where the Chromebook might be.

Just after we email the technicians to start digging into log-ins, we also email the teachers on the student's schedule to see if the Chromebook was accidentally left somewhere, even though the student swears that they left it at the football game Friday night. Almost every time this happens, the Chromebook turns up in a teacher's classroom.

A very helpful step in this process would be if a student leaves his or her Chromebook in your classroom, please email Sarah Radcliffe, Cara Schueller, Amy Ambelang and Mary Hertzfeldt. Then, when the student dutifully reports to the library to reluctantly report their Chromebook is missing, we can point them directly to where we already know it is waiting.

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