Monday, February 15, 2016

Seesaw - Showcase Student Work for Parents

Written by STII Student: Jason

How many of you have wanted to document what a student is doing? Or document what a student has done? With an app called Seesaw, you can take a picture or video of such thing.
seesaw-folders-flags-feed-view.pngWhen a student uploads content to Seesaw, it can be organized into a certain folder. It is then accessible by any teacher at any time. This also helps so teachers and students can watch their growth. Another feature that can be used is that a teacher can flag a certain item to either ask a question, or review such item.  This app can also be accessed anywhere. So parents can also watch how their student is doing, along with what they are doing during the school day.

Seesaw is available for the iPad in the app store for free. When parents download the app, they can see only their own student’s work. You only need one iPad in your classroom to use Seesaw! Get started today!

For help getting started or questions, contact Sarah Radcliffe (x2216) or Cara Schueller (x2587)

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