Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Practice Arguments with Apples to Apples

A fun and engaging way to practice argument in your classroom is to play a modified game of Apples to Apples. In the traditional board game, players are given a hand of noun cards. The dealer places a verb card out for all players to see. Each player secretly places their best noun card on a stack for the dealer. The dealer then chooses the best match based on his or her own opinion or interests. The dealer can choose the most humorous responses, the best representation, the craziest response, etc. Players in each round can verbally support their own card by stating arguments for why their card is the best choice. 

In this educationally inspired version, teachers create green theme cards and red subject cards in sets for students to utilize. In this round, a student may argue that Richard Nixon was NASTY because he was the “only president to ever resign, began the idea of citizens questioning and not trusting their leaders ever again."

The dealer would choose the best match for NASTY based on the argument evidence and/or reasoning that each student made for their subject card.

Linked below is a slide presentation with all of the instructions and templates for creating the cards: https://goo.gl/8PfoAS.

**Thanks to Ryan O'Donnell (@creativeedtech) of creativeedtech.weebly.com for posting this idea on Twitter, and creating the templates.

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